For some people, owning an antique is an investment. For others it is much more.

You may be seeking that elusive piece to complete a set, a unique gift for a special person, or you simply collect for the joy of owning something rare and precious.

As a collector of more then 40 years, it is my pleasure to begin to sell some of my collection to those with discerning tastes!

The glitter of light dancing off walls, the glimmer of the rainbow of colors as the sunlight touched the bowl sitting on top of my sisters, piano led me to a 40 year passion of collecting American Brilliant Cut Glass. My Passion has led me down highways in Virginia to old estates, to Texas in the middle of no where to find a piece of dirty glass at the bottom of a box. I have spent a lifetime searching for pieces to add to an already overcrowded home, just to be able to touch and smile at the shine and glow of American Brilliant Cut Glass.

At the end of the 19th Century, in the heart of the Victorian Era was born an incredible accomplishment earning its place amongst the great art forms of the world, American Brilliant Rich Cut Glass.

During the period from 1876 to 1916, an enormous number of pieces were made, and it became a great favorite, showing up in middle-to-upper class homes all over the country. It was quite a craze, reaching its peak during an era of genteel affluence. It looked great on dinner tables throughout the land, catching reflections from the candles, gas lamps and new electric lights. It was popular giftware during the period, and there were few homes that didn't have at least a piece or two in the china cabinet. Prices are never cheap, but they vary depending on precisely the method of manufacture used. Obviously, hand blown, hand cut and hand polished glass is the most desirable.

You are rewarded when you learn the intricacies in glass, for American Brilliant is surely the king of American glass with the most sparkle, the deepest cuts, the clearest sheen of any ever made.

Please explore our listings at your leisure. Should you discover that special piece, you will have the opportunity to purchase.

American Glass Treasures, Inc.
Glenda S Klein, President
Member of American Cut Glass Association