Our Promise

There is no totally objective method of describing the condition of American Brilliant Cut Glass. "Mint" is frequently used to describe the condition of pieces found on eBay or other sources; the actual condition may range from "as new" to "really beat up!" The term "mint" is never used by those knowledgeable, since collectors sometimes expect a "mint piece" to be "as new" - an expectation that is not possible with 100-yr. old pieces of glass.

Every piece of glass that is sold is in either fine condition or extremely fine condition meaning there is no easily discernable damage or the damage that could be easily repaired if the collector desired. There would be no lowering in value of the piece because of this type of damage. Wear marks happen and will not be noted unless they detract from the beauty of a piece. Any item may be returned if it is found to be other than represented.

For additional information on the more than 600 pieces to be sold please contact:

American Glass Treasures, Inc.
Glenda S Klein, President
Member of American Cut Glass Association