American Brilliant

Libbey Signed Low Bowl \"Piece is named Libbey\" Engraved American Brilliant
Libbey Signed Low Bowl "Piece is named Libbey" Engraved American Brilliant

Price:   $651.00

Type: Bowl

Size: 8 in. wide, 1-7/8 in. high, 3/8 in. thick

Weight: 2.3 lbs. Has a good ring when tapped.

Blank/Clarity: Blown/Bright & clear

Date: The ACGA catalog reprint mentioned above is said to be circa 1908. Black light test confirms American Brilliant Period (approximately 1876-1916).

Description: The design is Libbey's version of J. Hoare's "shagbark" pattern, although the bud tips on Libbey's are straight rather than curved and the flowers are larger with the centers cut in tiny hobnail giving a sculptured three-dimensional look. All cuts are polished and silvery. It is signed on an uncut area below the outside rim with the tiny Libbey mark that has the split between the L and Y.

Condition: The teeth are in great shape. The bottom shows just a little expected wear and the top interior looks very good.

Item #: 5544

Cutting Details: The very realistic cutting is of the deep intaglio type. The overall precision is very good.

Polishing Quality: The finish looks and feels extra crisp. The petals on the 4 larger flowers are purposely unpolished to provide a nice contrast.

Pattern Name and References: This cutting pattern is named Libbey. For a reference I have included the picture of 2 bowls cut in this pattern from figure 276 of Swan's American Cut & Engraved Glass book. This pattern can also be seen on pages 116 and 118 of the ACGA Libbey catalog reprints.

As you can see from my pictures, this is a very flashy piece that has a look all its own. This is definitely not your typical floral cutting and you will be very impressed with it if you will be seeing it for the first time. Don't let this beautiful signed piece pass you by.

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